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Our Story

A clean skincare range of products, Perenne has been developed with the vision of making products which are not only efficacious but also safe to use. We have always been passionate believers in the healing power of nature. Our vision was to create a pure and natural skin care range consisting of contemporary botanical actives to reconnect people to nature.  Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality natural products that contain only the purest, non-toxic ingredients.

At a time when things like air pollution and drastic atmospheric changes are becoming one of the major reasons of various skin diseases, we are in a great need of a strong shield to protect our skin from the hazards around us. What else could be more promising than nature, as artificial cosmetics can never feed our beauty requirements?

Another thing which keeps Perenne one step ahead from stereotype culture of cosmetic market is its clean skin care range in which no animal derivatives or artificial colors are used. Skilfully crafted from a research of years, the products are charged with nature’s unparalleled healing powers and guarantee to set your skin free from problems like ageing, blemishes, acne, dark spots, irritation, dead skin cells, and sunburn.

Due to the frequent use of chemical based cosmetic products, our body starts absorbing the harmful chemicals which may lead to severe skin and health problems including fatal diseases like cancer. 99% of breast cancer tissues have traces of carcinogenic chemicals - like sulphates, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, mineral oil, triclosan, and more - that are used as ingredients in chemical based cosmetic products. Our vision champions consumer awareness and encourages transparency of the ingredients of our products.

Perenne brings to India a new and International concept tailored for all skin types to redefine your outlook on skincare and help you nurture the beautiful you naturally.

Our Commitment and Philosophy

Our skin is our foremost way of communication - its freckles, color, and tone, irrevocably our own. At Perenne, we intend on taking radical steps to better our relationship with our skin – to move towards vitality and radiance, not just beauty.

The amazing healing powers of our natural ingredients creates a preventive layer with no side effects or health ailments and ensures an adequate supply of oxygen to breathe life in deep skin pores. Our products are tested by dermatologists. Each product has a natural base – natural preservatives and Original Extract Fruit Water - which safely enhances the life and quality of product.

At Perenne, we mingle various natural ingredients and modern actives from all over the world such as Vitamin C, Arbutin, Hylauronic acid to create a credible and clinically proven product range to provide you with flawless skin. Inspired by the European beauty trends, rare bio-extracts are used in the creation of these products to increase their impact on the skin.