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Modish - Hidden Poisons of Skincare

It is important to realize that even though cosmetics & skincare may not be fatal anymore, but they are notorious for carcinogenic and irritating ingredients that are used to make them.

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Harper's Bazaar Conscious Beauty Awards 2019

Perenne's Sulphate Free Clarifying Oil Control Facewash (For Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin) won the Harper's Conscious Beauty Awards 2019.

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We'll Always Have Summer - Harpers Bazaar

This season, it's all about updating your beauty routine to products that cater to every need.

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LSAD Discovery: Perenne, a new clean beauty label focusing on pure botanical actives

While globally the movement has taken on a strong voice, clean beauty is still at a nascent stage when it comes to homegrown brands. To add to that, clean beauty that isn’t Ayurvedic is a rare find. Which is why new-age skincare label Perenne stands out.

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Experience the Eternal and Undying Beauty with Perenne’s Natural Products

Perenne offers a range of skincare products created with the goodness of natural ingredients. Perenne is a Spanish word that means Evergreen. Perenne aims at elevating skin’s balance, health and youthfulness to a new level through prevention, protection, reviving and recovery.

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Make Up Gift Guide - Modish Magazine

Broad spectrum SPF 50 by Perenne is a moisturizing, sunscreen product that protects your skin, prevents sunburns and tanning, is waterproof and sweatproof. Ultimately it's an ideal gifting option for the upcoming summer season.

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