Dull Skin

Rs. 1,000.00

Glow Booster Radiance Serum

(for Skin Lightening, Brightening and Glow for All Skin Types) (30 ml)

Rs. 1,750.00

Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash

(for Skin Lightening, Brightening and Hydration for all skin types) (100 ml)

Rs. 599.00

Aqua Restoration Moisturizing Cream

(for All Skin Types) (50 gm)

Rs. 799.00

Aqua Restoration Nourishing Cleansing Cream

(for all skin types) (95 ml)

Rs. 699.00

Nourishing Cleansing Oil

(for all skin types) (45 ml)

Rs. 1,150.00

Nourishing Body Lotion

(with Theobroma Cacao Butter and Chamomile Extract) (200 ml)

Rs. 750.00

Aqua Restoration Revitalizing Tonic Mist

(for All Skin Types)

Rs. 450.00

Glow Booster Radiance Day Cream

(for Dry to Normal Skin) (50 gm)

Rs. 1,599.00

Glow Booster Kit

(for all skin types)

Rs. 2,349.00

Aqua Restoration CTM Kit

(for normal to dry skin)

Rs. 2,397.00


(for all skin types)

Rs. 3,397.00